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Your website is the heart of your online presence

The creation of a website is a process that is needed for any business that wants to have a proper online presence in the market and SERPs. 

If you see the other brands that are well-positioned in their market niche, you’ll see that all of them have website and spend a lot more into having the best online platform to sell their product as fast as possible by improving their Customer Experience.

I could create from E-commerce websites to blogs, abstract websites and more, but always with a focus into the technical part that will help your business gaining more revenue with the following touchpoints:

  • Responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Initial optimization for online security
  • Design of webpages in different languages 
  • Goal-oriented and ready to convert
  • UX / UI guidelines and best practices

The process & workflow of creation

Your website is the perfect tool to reach your ideal audience. Our website creation and development services for companies are customized to each project, delivered on time and within budget.
The requirements for a successful online platform are based on communication, research, creativity and dedication.

1. Presentation

In a first phase we have to know each other. We need to know what the objectives and ambitions of the project are so that we can outline an effective strategy that meets the needs of the business and develop a proposal.

2. Conceptualisation

After defining the needs and objectives of the website, we started, together, to organize ideas in a well defined and coherent plan for the development of the website.

3. Development

At this stage, practically everything is already decided, the implementation of design and functionality is missing. The website begins to come to life, allowing feedback to enter at an early stage.

4. Testing & Final Reviews

After everything is completed, the testing phase enters to ensure that all website users have the best experience possible, regardless of their type of internet connection and device used.

5. Launch & Live

The expected day when the website goes live on its final domain.

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Of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience


Of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites

Slow-loading websites lead to a $2.6 billion revenue loss each year

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